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Packing & Storage Tips

  • Use Same Box Size

    Using the same size containers or boxes makes stacking easier and utilizes space in the most efficient way.

  • Reinforce Boxes

    Use multiple strips of packing tape on the bottom of each box to add extra strength.

  • Fill Heavy to Light

    For balance, place heavier items in the bottom of your boxes, lighter items on top.

  • Label your Boxes

    Label your containers or boxes on all sides with details of the contents. Use large print – easy to see from a distance.

  • Use Color Codes

    Streamline your move by color coding boxes according to the room they belong in.

  • Protect Breakables

    Use unprinted newsprint and bubble wrap to protect your glassware, dishes and other breakables.

  • Use a Hand truck

    Using a hand truck to move more than one box at a time saves time and protects your back against strain.

  • Wardrobe Boxes

    Use a wardrobe box to move hanging clothes. Wardrobe boxes are easily moved using a hand truck. For dual use, place shoes and rugged gear in the bottom of the wardrobe box.

How to Pack Your Storage Unit

  • Secure Lock

    Use a heavy, secure lock. We recommend our high security disc lock.

  • Large vs Small Items

    Put small items such as computer, tv, etc., in back of the storage unit, and larger items in front (sofa, fridge, washer & dryer).

  • Use Pallets

    Put furniture, boxes, etc. on pallets to protect against the changing temperature of a concrete floor.

  • Rodent Bait

    As a precaution, use rodent bait, such as De-Con in a corner or two, or in the front and back of the unit.

  • Furniture Covers

    Cover furniture and valuables with plastic to protect against dust and condensation.

  • Stand Up Sofas

    Sofas and love seats can be stored on end to save floor space.

  • Electronics

    If you have stored electronic equipment such as a radio, T.V., computer, etc., let the equipment get to room temperature before plugging into a power outlet after you have vacated the storage unit.

  • Secure Your Unit Door

    Be sure to move the hasp on the storage unit all the way over so that both holes are lined up and lock it up.

  • Address Changes

    Keep the office informed of your current address and telephone number.

  • Prohibited Storage Goods

    For sake of public safety, and backed by state law, certain items are prohibited from storage units - such as explosives, toxic matter and flammable liquids. Live animals or any perishable items requiring atmospheric control are also prohibited. Anything considered illegal outside of storage is still illegal in storage. And, don’t forget to remove all fuels from any motor or engine before storing. If in doubt, please ask your facility manager.